Steps to certification

  • Register

    Register as a pilot/operator with the Irish Aviation Authority on MySRS or with your National Aviation Authority.

  • Get your Open A1/A3

    Enrol on DRONEXPRTS WEB SITE for the Open Subcategory A1/A3 training course and pass the test successfully or upload your A1/A3 Proof Of Online Training Certificate received from your National Aviation Authority.

  • Open Subcategory A2 Course

    Complete your Open A2 training and exam.

    Introductory Course to Drone Operations

    This course is designed for all drone pilots and operators. You will get to meet our Captain Julie Garland. Together with Julie, you will go through an overview of rules and regulations governing drone pilots and operations.

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    Open Category A2 Training & Certification

    We designed this course for hobby and professional pilots to fly drones in the Open Category A2.

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  • Apply for your Open A2 Online

    Log in to DRONEXPRTS WEB SITE and apply for your Open A2 Remote Pilot Certificate of Competency. Make sure you carry out all the steps required until your application says “Pending DUTO review”.

  • Dronexprts endorsement

    Dronexprts examiner endorses your theoretical knowledge for the Open A2 application on the MySRS.

  • Practical Flight Experience

    Once your application has been endorsed you must log back into Dronexprts and self certify your practical competence.

  • Licence Grant

    Pay the relevant fee to the National Aviation Authority for the grant of your Open A2 RPC, which will be valid for five years.

  • Specific Category Course

    Complete your Operational Authorisation & STS 01 Declaration Course for the grant of Specific Category Theoretical Knowledge Certificate.

    Specific Category Training Course (STS-01)

    We designed this blended learning course for drone pilots who want to operate in controlled air space, or their drone operations have a higher risk.

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We provide Consultancy

Our team will help businesses and organisations to incorporate Unmanned Aircraft Systems into daily operations. Our drone operations consultancy services include auditing and developing UAS inventories and stations, business strategy, cost benefit analysis and assessing your operations manual and risks. With a vast range of experience in delivering successful projects, we provide your team with the required tools, technical and practical training to run your drone operations success.